October 19, 2018


150mm is not a focal length which one associates with street photography. Yet when I bought the Olympus 75mm (which equates to a 150mm full frame field of view), I forced myself to use it exclusively when I visited the Delhi Gate bazar in the walled city. It felt odd and I did find it difficult to compose shots that I would have otherwise liked to take, yet the lens didn’t disappoint. When I spotted these boys across the street, a typical 35mm would have left me wanting for that reach and I might not have even taken the shot.

I am not even sure if they were brothers, could possibly be friends, but the image made me want to name it as such or perhaps “hazaaron khawashein aisee .. ” could have worked as well..

Taken with E-M1

Aperture ƒ/1.8

Shutter Speed 1/4000s

Focal Length 75mm

Taken In November, 2017

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