October 18, 2018

Jahangir’s Tomb

“Lahore remained Jahangir’s favourite city, and it was here that he found his last resting place in Shahdara, on the bank of the Ravi. Muhammad Salih Kamboh tells in his historical account that Jahangir wanted to follow the example of his ancestor Babur, whose modest tomb in Kabul has no dome, and ‘had willed that his tomb be erected without the ornamentation of a building, and be entrusted to Divine propitation in an open space, so that it may always benefit from the countless clouds of Divine Mercy without any obstruction’. This wish, however, was not fulfilled- the roof of the sumptuous mausoleum with its decorative inlay of white marble in red sandstone was enclosed long ago and the small room that enshrines the sarcophagus on which the Ninety-Nine Most Beautiful Names of God are inscribed is very dark while formerly some light must have come from an upper opening. There was probably a raised structure in the centre of the flat roof; perhaps a previously constructed dome was taken off by Aurangzeb to fulfil his grandfather’s last wish.” – from the book “Lahore, The City Within” by Samina Qureshi. 

Watercolour by William Simpson, 1864, from a drawing done by him at Shahdara on 19 March 1860.

Taken with NIKON D800

Aperture ƒ/2.8

Shutter Speed 1/40s

Focal Length 14mm

Taken In November, 2013

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