October 11, 2018

Masjid Wazir Khan

Built in 1631, Masjid Wazir Khan is one of Lahore’s finest landmarks. This photograph (taken after the recent renovation works by Walled City Authority) features the exquisitely decorated entrance gateway.

This elaborate entrance is intended to symbolise the transition from this life to the next. The wide open gate of God’s munificence. Indeed, as we climb the steps into the generous portico we find ourselves in a classic “Chahar Taq”, that is, the ancient Persian form of domed chamber with four entrances, which was assimilated into Islamic architecture, with its symbolism of the earthly material aspect of life represented by the cube base, and the spiritual, heavenly or metaphysical aspect represented by the hemispherical dome above.  – (from the article, Reading Masjid Wazir Khan by Kamil Kham Mumtaz).

Photograph of Wazir Khan’s Mosque at Lahore, taken by George Craddock in the 1880s

If you look closely at George Craddock’s photo above and also had the chance to visit the mosque before the renovations, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that the Walled City Authority has done a remarkable job in unearthing the lower level of the mosque.

Lithograph by Dickinson Bros., 1854, based upon a sketch by an unidentified lady, Lahore, c. 1852. Published in Original Sketches in the Punjaub (London, 1854).

Taken with Sony Alpha 7R II

Aperture ƒ/4

Shutter Speed 1/400s

Focal Length 16mm

Taken In September, 2018

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