October 19, 2018

Smog in Lahore

Up until a few years ago, hardly any one in Lahore knew what ‘smog’ meant. We probably first heard about it in the news when it appeared in China followed later by India. I personally felt it last year when it worsened to a point that schools had to be closed for a few days. This image was taken the same year (i.e. the winter of 2017).

I found a used Olympus EM10 M2 during one of my frequent visits to Nisbat road.  The dealer wanted me to try it out which I did during the days the smog was at its peak. While the pollution made me sick, the image came out perfect and I ended up buying into yet another camera system.

Taken with E-M10MarkII

Aperture ƒ/6.3

Shutter Speed 1/320s

Focal Length 164mm

Taken In November, 2017

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